Welcome to the mandatory "news and happenings" section. Here's where I'll post notices about projects I'm working on, things I've learned in the course of those projects, and other random brain rattlings.

I'll admit I'm not great at keeping people informed, so updates will probably be sporadic (yes, it's a new year's resolution to get better about that), but check back often to see what's up!

Vault source book returns

October 31, 2007

One of our favorite projects - Vault source book - has returned to the web. They're still putting together the assets for the site, but everything is working as it should so far - heck, if you're a photgrapher, you can submit photos for display on the site. Follow the link and go to the Submission section.

Our video section goes live!

August 31, 2007

That's right, we've dug through the mass amounts of back-up CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs we have and pulled some of our animation samples for your viewing pleasure. Head to the Portfolio section and click the Animations link to check 'em out.

The project also helped us prove a point to ourselves about the importance of planning in site construction - the animation handling code is very different than the code that handles the presentation of the images, but - due to the planning we'd put in ahead of time - the updates required very little actual change to the file, and not much time at all.

Such is the power of thinking and planning for future site updates - something that comes standard in every site we design for every client we've got!


Maxx Design's new site is up!

April 16, 2007

We're up and functional! A heartfelt "Thank you" goes out to all the friends that took the time to offer their comments, critiques, and insights during the beta-testing process for this site - we couldn't have done this without you!

This site is intended to be a sort of on-going work in progress - we've redesigned it from the ground up to allow faster and more frequent updates of not only the site content, but the site functionality as well. We're still culling our portfolio assets (though we're pretty sure you'll find plenty to look at there already - check it out!) and if you're a Maxx Designs client, rest assured that your personalized and secure client section will be up and running shortly. You'll be able to submit work tickets, ask for (and receive) any help you may need for what we've created for you, and check on payment history.

If you're not currently a Maxx Designs client, take a look around the site - you may find yourself a member of those ranks very soon!

Thank you for stopping by, check back soon, and we look forward to hearing from you! Just skip on over to the Contact section and use the form to drop us a line!