Welcome to the mandatory "news and happenings" section. Here's where I'll post notices about projects I'm working on, things I've learned in the course of those projects, and other random brain rattlings.

I'll admit I'm not great at keeping people informed, so updates will probably be sporadic (yes, it's a new year's resolution to get better about that), but check back often to see what's up!

Rick Forrester's acting portfolio goes live

October 15, 2006

Rick Forrester's site is up and running. An excellent local Wilmington actor, Rick needed an online showcase. Featuring custom built database and programming allowing Rick total control over the site contents - including image uploads - this site fit his needs perfectly. Swing by and take a look - and if you're a casting director, check out Rick's various resumes. The boy's done some impressive work!

Big Dawg Productions site is launched

March 11, 2006

Another project in the can - Big Dawg Productions, a not-for-profit theatre company, has had a web facelift courtesy of Maxx Designs! The work included client-side design creation and implementation, administrative site creation and database integration. The project took about four weeks from inception to completion.

Vault Source Book launches

February 01, 2006

Our latest project is live. Vault Source Book, a community portfolio site for professional photographers, uses Flash, php, and MySql to maintain a growing photographer database. The design for the site was brought to us, and we created the entire site from top to bottom, including Flash front-end (with transitions), underlying database, php glue, and interface with PayPal for the submission charge processing.